Pennco Machinery, LLC

Verson 12,000 ton special press

Manufacturer Name: Verson Allsteel
Stock #: 11250
New In (Year): 1973
Model #: 1200HD4-240-192-2T
Price: Call
Tonnage                                             12,000
Working stroke of platten (ram)           85"
Daylight - bed to platten                      134"
Platten size                                           240" x 40"
Table size                                              240" x 192"
Capable of bending 16" thick high strength steel that is 20' wide into a cylindrical vessel
The machine's left cylinder drops to allow bending of complete cylindrical vessels and remove as done with a plate roll
Designed to bend very heavy wall pressure vessels and head sections
Tooling For Vessels and Head Caps Available (photo on right)
This machine requires a large subterranean pit and weighs approx 2,000tons
Machine has had very limited run time
This is 1 of the largest press brakes of its kind and is ideal for bending components for nuclear and petrochemical industries