Pennco Machinery, LLC

Froriep 3 Roll 126" x 1.26" plate roll

Manufacturer Name: Froriep
Stock #: 11264
New In (Year): 1962
Model #: UDBH-hy 3200 x 35 mm
Price: Call
In very good condition.
For prebending and bending of cylinders and cones.
For prebending the two bottom rolls are horizontally adjustable.
For bending, the top roll is vertically adjustable.
Technical Data
Width of plate                                                              126"
Thickness for edge setting at full width of plate             1.26"
Thickness for bending at full width of plate                    1.378"
Diameter of rolls:             top roll                                   21.65"
               bottom rollers (supported)                             13"
Smallest possible bending diameter on top
roll at 30 mm plate thickness                                          25.6"
Number of rolls                                                               3
Driven rolls                                                                      2 (bottom rolls)
Operating speed                                                              280 ipm
Top roll adjustment                                                          hydraulic
Bottom roll adjustment                                                    hydraulic
Tilting of the hinged front bearing housing                       hydraulic
Tilt of the top roller                                                          hydraulic
 Installed power    roll drive                                                 60 hp