Pennco Machinery, LLC

Haeusler 4 roll 118" x 2.75" plate roll

Manufacturer Name: Haeusler
Stock #: 12261
New In (Year): 1972
Model #: VRM-hy 3000 x 65 mm
Price: Call
The machine is in a very good condition and was partly retrofitted before delivery to the previous owner. The machine was used there for only one project.
Technical Data:
Width of plate                                         118"
Surface length of rolls                              120"
Distance between the columns                122"
Cold working:
For edge setting at full width of plate       2.56"
For bending at full width of plate              2.75"
Roll diameter:    - Top Roll                      26.77"
                    - Bottom Roll                     26.77"
                    - Side Roller                       21.65"
Smallest possible bending diameter           30.3"
Number of rolls                                               4                     
Driven rolls                              2 Top + Bottom roll
Drive                                                     Mechanical
Operating speed                                   157.5 ipm
Roll adjustment                                     Hydraulic
Tilting of the front bearing housing  Hydraulic
Weight of the machine approx.          249,000 lbs
Installed power:     roll drive                 127 hp
                             hydraulic drive        30 hp
Conical bending device
Top support device
Interchangeable top roll                     ø 20.7 in